Baby Sleep Solutions

Attend this class to learn the basics of how sleep develops in infants, normal newborn behavior, and techniques that will help eventually establish a routine to help maximize sleep for everyone in the family.

This 1 1/2-hour class is for expecting parents and current parents of babies aged 1 week-18 months.


In this class we’ll cover:

-infant sleep development and how it differs from adult sleep

-healthy sleep habits and associations

-cognitive and emotional stages of infants and how they affect sleep

-growth spurts vs sleep regressions

-a synopsis of a few sleep training methods including Dr Karp, Dr. Weissbluth, The Sleep Lady, The Happy Sleeper and Ferber.

If time allows, some private sleep consulting can be provided at the conclusion of  class.

This class is welcoming to parents of all orientations and genders, babies and newborns.

The cost is $35/family.

Please note this class may be cancelled if the minimum number of registrations is not met.


Upcoming classes: TBA