Bayview Red Tent

The Bayview Red Tent brings together the power of women + the sacredness of circle. Red Tent is an ongoing monthly gathering for women, maiden, mother, and crone, to heal, strengthen and celebrate our shared and unique experiences as women on the wheel of life.

We circle together, in person, once each month. In this facilitated circle experience, we will move, meditate, speak, listen, create art and ritual, share story and song, or do nothing at all, as everything we do (or don’t do) is optional to each individual! Each gathering is a unique offering and tends to be in sync with the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon, the seasons of our lives, and the culture we desire to create for ourselves and future generations.

The Red Tent is open to the community and is always held 11am-1pm the 4th Sunday of each month @ Well Rounded Maternity Center in Bayview (unless otherwise noted)

All adult humans, maiden, mother or crone, who are either born a woman or identify as one are welcome in circle, no matter your physical capabilities. Babes in arms and girls age 11+ (with adult caregiver) also welcome.

Participation is by donation, $10 each, no one turned away.

2018 Schedule:

Jan 28 – Feb 25 – Mar 25 – April 22

June 24 – Aug 26 – Sept 23 – Oct 28

*No Red Tent May, July, Nov, Dec

For more details request to join Bayview Red Tent Facebook group