Maternity Clothes Consignments

Why Pay More??


Bellies & Babies Boutique carries resale maternity clothes, diapers, nursing bras, and related items. You can save a lot of money by buying these items used! We rotate the maternity clothing seasonally.
Our stock changes constantly, so come in often to see what’s new.



For consignors:


NOTICE: Due to lack of space we have restricted what we are currently accepting —– We are currently not accepting maternity clothing or cloth diapering items for consignment until further notice.  We will continue to accept nursing bras, nursing tank tops, belly bands, and swimsuits.

We take most other items year-round: nursing bras, Cloth diapers and diapering supplies, etc. Please call before coming in, to make sure we are able to accept items that day.


Before you come in, please make sure that your items are clean and in good condition. 


Items must be washed & cleaned before being brought in. 


Items that have tears/rips, stains, or smell heavily of fragrances/smoke will not be accepted.   

We are currently NOT Accepting:

– G-DIAPER System

– BUM GENIUS Original  One Size Pocket Diapers


You will also be asked to select a starting price. Please note, we retain the right to reduce the price if the item does not sell in a reasonable amount of time. If items do not sell within their allotted time we will donate the item to a local charity – 2 years for diapering items, 1 year for clothing. We will no longer be contacting consignors to pick up unsold items.



How it works:


We will make sure we have your contact information in our database, and, with your help, will enter each item with a description and price. We then tag it and put it out for sale.


We may choose not to accept certain items – please see requirements above for exclusions.


We retain 50% of the selling price. Every two months, we mail out checks for sold items.


Most importantly, spread the word! The more people who know about our consignment, the faster your items will sell.