Whether you are looking for a natural drug-free birth, or want to explore your options regarding pain medication during labor, we are committed to ensuring that parents are well prepared for labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. Instead of teaching a birthing ‘method,’ we give you and your partner the information and skills to best accomplish the kind of birth experience you desire.

This comprehensive 8-week class covers a variety of topics including:

  1. Sound nutrition and physical exercise to enhance low-risk pregnancies and labors;
  2. Physical and emotional aspects during the various stages of labor;
  3. Pain management without drugs;
  4. Birth interventions, alternatives & plans;
  5. Relaxation, breathing & comfort techniques
  6. Avoiding or dealing with labor complications;
  7. Postpartum and baby care; and
  8. Coping if things don’t go the way you anticipated.

Following the births of all the babies, each class gets together for a reunion to meet the babies and share birth stories.

To information on upcoming classes, contact Coral at Coral@well-roundedmaternity.com