Coral SlavinDoula Training Workshop

Have you ever thought of becoming a birth doula?  This 2 1/2 day workshop gives you the basics on how to support a family in labor.  Topics include: review of labor stages, positioning, relaxation and comfort techniques, coping with complications, pros and cons of interventions, the business of being a doula.  Doula certification through Well-Rounded Maternity requires attendance/evaluation of three labors, and additional readings.

The workshop is taught by Dr. Coral Slavin: doula, childbirth educator and owner/director of Well-Rounded Maternity Center.  Coral has been a doula for 20 years and has attended over 500 births in the Milwaukee area in hospitals, home and birth center.  She has been teaching these trainings for a number of years both at Well-Rounded as well as Southwest Technical College in Fennimore.

Where: Well-Rounded Maternity Center

When: October 20-22, 2017

Cost: $275 per person (includes written materials).

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