• Convenience–you don’t have to buy birth supplies, keep a tub set up, clean up before or after.
  • Safety–while the center is not medically different from homebirth, transfers to the hospital can be done more efficiently as the center has experience, is 10 minutes from a hospital and 2 blocks from Bell Ambulance and/or the fire department.
  • Privacy–you don’t have to worry about neighbors hearing you, or uninvited guests appearing during labor.
  • Extra Assistance–there are birth professionals (doulas) on staff to help in early labor before the midwife arrives, and postpartum after the midwife leaves until you are ready to go home.
  • Space–it’s like having an entire house devoted entirely to your laboring needs. There is no clutter of personal items to distract you during labor, everything has a purpose.


Healthy women anticipating a low-risk pregnancy and birth, who have investigated their options and decided that an out-of-hospital birth is right for them may wish to birth at a birth center. Screening to determine your risk-status will vary from midwife to midwife. Click here for a list of Midwives with privileges at Well-Rounded.

Some Certified Professional Midwives will consider assisting a woman who has had a previous cesarean in an out-of-hospital birth, under the right circumstances. At this time, we will contract with couples wishing a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), if it is considered acceptable by their midwife, that midwife has privileges with the center and the state regulations permit.

Generally, most couples choosing a non-hospital birth will have their babies at home with a qualified midwife. For some families, however, this may not be ideal. The couple’s home may lack space or privacy, for example. They may live too far from a hospital to comfortably transport should the need arise. Or, they may just want the convenience of going to a homelike facility where everything is ready for them exactly when they need it.


Research shows that Birth Centers are safe, satisfying and offer cost savings.   According to the 2013 National Birth Center Study II (Stapleton, et. al.,, which studied 22,400 women birthing in 79 US birthing centers from 2007-2010, birth centers had similarly safe outcomes for babies but four times fewer C-sections for low-risk women compared to families birthing in hospitals.

Note: Licensure for Birth Centers is provided by individual states. Accreditation for centers is based on carefully defined national standards and is provided by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. At this time, Wisconsin does not license birth centers.


Well-Rounded Maternity Center offers couples a place to have their babies as an alternative to their home. As an “open-staff” facility, a couple must consider the fees of the midwife who provides care*, in addition to the birth center fee**.

The center fee includes the use of the birth tub, birth kit supplies as required by their midwife, and linens. Couples may stay at the center throughout their labor and birth, and up to 12 hours following delivery at no extra charge. Couples are responsible for their own food consumed while at the center.

*Fees for midwifes in SE Wisconsin average $2,500-5,000 for prenatal care and delivery.
** Please call 414-744-7001 for current fee information. There is a significant early payment discount for facility fees that are paid in full prior to the delivery.


Most traditional indemnity health insurance companies will cover a birth center birth and several local HMOs offer point-of-service (“POS”) plans that may cover our care.*  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care and Wausau Insurance Co. are just a few of the companies that typically pay for birth center services, however individual policies vary. We will work with you to determine if your insurance company covers our services. Your midwife will do the same to determine if her care is covered.

Insurance companies will cover both midwifery care and the birth center at out-of-network rates.  Given that the cost of a hospital birth can be at least twice that of a birth center birth for similar services, the out-of-pocket expenses may not be significantly different.  To get an idea of what your policy covers, rates and deductibles, you can request a Verification of Benefits for a fee of $20.  Call Coral at 262-893-9945 to initiate a VOB.  A copy will be sent to your midwife if requested.

* State insurance, such as Badgercare, covers midwifery care but does NOT cover the birth center facility fee at this time.  Badgercare families would be responsible for the facility fee out-of-pocket.


  • Well-Rounded Maternity Center is located just 10 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. It is central to residents as well as midwives across SE Wisconsin, so there are more midwives to choose from for your care.
  • Bayview is a charming and safe community, with ample parking and places of interest to walk to during early labor.
  • The birth center is conveniently located close to the fire department & Bell Ambulence facility for quicker transfers.
  • Very close to both Columbia St. Mary’s & Aurora Sinai, both staffed with OBs, Family Practice doctors and Nurse Midwives who are enthusiastically supportive of midwife attended births.
  • So, don’t wait until you are in active labor to drive to the center. Come in earlier. Settle in and feel free to leave the building, to walk, to eat, to shop or look around.