Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™

Join Pamela Stemper, Independent Facilitator and Parenting Educator for this exciting program that helps parents achieve healthy relationships with their young children, while preparing them for the real world.

Since 1977, the Love and Logic Institute has been dedicated to making parenting fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic. All of the institute’s work is based on a psychologically sound parenting philosophy called Love and Logic® .

This philosophy and approach emphasizes respect and dignity for both parent and child and helps parents set real limits in a loving way while still teaching consequences and healthy decision making.

Get solutions to

• How to handle disruptions during meal times.
• How to get children to stay in their own bed.
• How to stop whining and bickering.
• How to discipline in public without creating a scene.
• How to get children up and about in the mornings.
• How to end temper tantrums.
• And many other day-to-day parenting challenges.

Facilitators of the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ curriculum are independent and are not employees of the Love and Logic Institute.

Winter/Spring Series

For information on upcoming classes,  please visit Know and Grow Institute

Sorry, no childcare is provided. However, newborns/babies-in-arms are welcome.