Mr. Will’s Music Together

Founded in 2009, Will Branch is committed to helping children grow and develop their innate musical abilities. Music Together® is a long-trusted and time-tested program, based on solid research, that creates a stimulating and supportive environment for fun and healthy musical development. Parents often find that they enjoy Music Together classes just as much as their children. Since the classes are mixed-age, there’s an opportunity for making new friends and for older siblings to be a part of the class as well as the youngest child.

Registration for spring session of Music Together Class with Will Branch will be opening soon. Classes scheduled to run March 28-5:45pm and March 29-9:30/10:30am through May 30 and 31st.

The age range for Music Together classes is infant to 5 years old.

The class fee is $160. The fee for siblings is $85 for each additional child. Siblings under 9 months old are free.

To register for upcoming classes please visit Mr. Will’s Music Together ®