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Rejuvenative Energy Healing – Open House

Sunday, Feb 4th  ~   1pm – 4:30pm

 NEW to Well Rounded & FREE Open House

Join Kimberly Fisher – Reiki Master (since 2015), Ayurvedic Energy Healing Practitioner (since 2013), Medicinal Aromatherapist (since 2012) and Healing Touch Practitioner (current)

Learn about Rejuvenative Energy Healing Properties, Biomats, Grounding Mats and more. 

What a great way to start your week with learning, relaxation, and energy! Stop by and she will share with you an opportunity to learn and try out the mats!

Individual Earthing Session with Ayurvedic Energy Work -a powerful and effective way to go deep into the body to help repair and address physical and emotional imbalances by moving energy from a heart centered space OR choose your session with Reiki or Healing Touch.

Benefits include:

* Reduce inflammation by diffusing excess positive electrons
* Reduce chronic pain
* Improves sleep
* Increase energy
* Lower stress and promotes calmness by reducing stress hormones
* Improves blood pressure and blood flow
* Relieve muscle tension and headache
* Protects body from EMF’s, and helps support adrenal health

Energy work helps with working with your Chakra system to help balance while receiving the nurturing of Mother Earth.

Questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Email earthlyinsights@gmail.

Come experience the flow and nurture you!