2nd Saturday @ 10:30am

Curious about using woven wraps? Have a woven and want some new ideas?

Bring your littles and come see what all the wrap talk is about!

We will have numerous wraps to try, as well as instructors skilled in a variety of carries!

First-time attendees will be required to attend our “Basics” section, which is a comprehensive overview of sizing, terminology, safety precautions and technique. We teach two carries, and with the remaining time can answer specific questions and do additional demonstration.

Everyone is welcome to return and attend our “Advanced” section after completing “Basics.” The Advanced content changes each month and will cover carry variations and back carries. Special requests are always welcome!

Topics usually covered include

Basic front carries
Basic back carries
Wrap sizing
Wrap brands and fabric blends
Specific questions from attendees

There is a $15 fee per family